texts by Pablo Gisbert for El Conde de Torrefiel
LA UÑA ROTA editor

In November 2015 they have been published all the texts that Pablo Gisbert has written until now for his company, El Conde de Torrefiel. The book is composed by a A-Side (texts of the released works) and a B-Side (texts which finally didn't appeared on stage but have been part of the creation process).
The texts are not presented in a chronological way, but more with an intuitive and rhythmic order.

The book is available in almost every Spanish bookstores and on Amazon.com or directly on the website of the Uña Rota editor.
The price is about 16 euros.
Only available in spanish.


Published texts

We have recently edited and published in spanish the text of the pieces "Scenes for a conversation after viewing a Michael Haneke film" and "The girl at the travel agency told us there was a swimming pool in the apartment".
The current collection of TEATRON.TINTA also includes two other books "Master" by Rubén Ramos and "Teatro del bueno" by Marc Caellas.
The cost is 4 euros each and it is send by post.



Once upon a time, there was a boy who was born very fat, very fat, very fat. His mother told him, he should hide from the world, he must hide from world and people, because what he had inside his belly, were bombs. He was very fat, because he was full of bombs. When he was five years old, the boy went to live alone up in the mountains. He lived alone all his life. When I was about to die, at the age of seventy-two years old, he decided to open his belly with a knife. So was how the man discovered that it was all a lie.


The Gospel according to St. Matthew

Heaven, according to Mattthew,
is the place created by God for men and women, where pain doesn't exist and happiness takes over everyone.
Heaven, according to my mother,
it's to come home at night after work, and someone having prepared you diner.

HAMACA Media & Art


The Entertainment

Nobody survives from a 40 years Cancer, nobody. And this is knowed also by niggers, as my grandmother says.
Fascism in Spain lasted 40 years. It had not lasted 5 years, or 12 years. It was not a sandwich and a beer for lunch. It was a big meal...

HAMACA Media & Art


God definitely died in the Nineteenth century. So we had to leave Heaven, as the possibility to receive the Great Award.
Throughout the Twentieth century, we settle with the consolation prize: The Hope. To hope in something that we actually it's not known, but even that, one still trust.
Nowadays, starting the XXI Century, we know that there isn't any award for living. Participate to Existence it's just a simple formality.
Our remaining choice is to celebrate our immortality.
Human being is unstoppable. These is our joy and these is our condemnation.


Los Monumentos

The initial contact with our new project was during a residency spent in AZALA in December 2012. The last day we've presented an instalation, as a synthesis of all those thoughts we have had those two weeks. We chose the scenario of the small church located in the village of Lasierra Alava. This is a moment of it.


"Todo lo que me gusta es ilegal, inmoral o engorda"

Guerrilla is a new project which starts to take shape feeding itself in diferents ways. One of them was during the Nyam Nyam sessions during May 2014. This weekly month-long meetings, became as an artistic residency, an the opportunity to generate material around the concept of CONFERENCE.
So we've brought to the fore four expert speakers, exquisite tangues and minds, who prepared two cards for lunch: gastronomic and thematic that breached through the doors of the vulgar and the refined without distinction.
Four Thursdays of conferences where Raul Minchinela, Jaime Conde-Salazar, Félix Pérez-Hita and Roberto Fratini offered a way to approach questions about ultimate realities and those processes with eschatological character.


GUERRILLA #2 // The Conference
Flare Weekender, Manchester

There is an audience on stage, the audience at a scientific conference. There is a soundtrack, the voice of the speaker at the conference mixed with other sounds and music, manipulating the atmosphere. And there is text, projected above the heads of the on-stage audience, reflecting on the mental mechanisms of the viewer, and on Power in the 21st Century. How does Power affect us? How is it changing the way we build relationships? And why does it so often leave us leading a double life in our heads – the life that’s real and the life that we desire?

  GUERRILLA #3 // The Concert
Festival Inmediaciones, Pamplona

Inmediaciones Festival proposes an artistic collaboration with the band PANA, of Guillermo Sarmiento and Carlos Leoz, to bring a scenic proposal whose elements are music and readed word during a space of time of 30 minutes. What at first formally appears as a concert, finally it appears as a perceptive dialogue, a collision between listening and reading, without rest or silence, where those activities challenge themselves, they follow each other, they juxtaposed, the face them and oppose, to give movement and shape to the situations and images vertebrate by word and vitalized by music.


El Conde de Torrefiel feat. Enric Farrés & Quim Packard
FESTUS 2013, Torelló

Pep Sala will be the guide in this psychedelic tour through in the gardens of l'Espona in a unique relationship between the listener and the speaker. The sum of those elements, You and I, will give as a result a new reality. An archaeological site of places and moments worn out by obviousness and time. Paradise is nothing in itself, but the ability to imagine it can do it really true.

ORXATA - Fanzine
SWEET #6 - La Porta

As everyone knows, every creation generates waste, and in our case, scenic residues. For the Sweet #6 of La Porta, we wanted to take the B-sides of what we've performed during this past year. B-sides which finally didn't appeared on stage, for different reasons, but which have undoubtedly helped us to create the last two pieces.
We present them as a Fanzine, because it is a good format for framing free ideas, rough drawings and short texts. If anyone has seen any of the pieces above mentioned, you can understand many of the things that are presented in this fanzine.


Todo da mucha puta risa

"Escenarios del Streaming" is a platform for scenic experimentation and theoretical reflection, in which the collective PLAY dramaturgia, taked in by Intermediae in Matadero Madrid, collaborate with artists, critics and experts of differents disciplines, to uncover the possibilities which streaming can provides to performing arts.

Video Streaming 17.11.2012